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Hey ya'll.  I'm Sammy Ray!

Although I am known as an outgoing musician I struggled with bi-polar depression, anxiety, alcoholism, skin inflammation, Crohn's, IBS(C), hypothyroidism, and P.O.T.S. most of my life.  Everyday was a different struggle.  I felt like I was merely surviving.
After years of trying different doctors, procedures, medications, and injections I almost gave up.  In my distress, through a series of divinely timed events, I learned about Terrain Model of Disease and the power of raw food.  So I embarked upon my raw journey and I experienced lasting healing - inside and out.  It changed the course of my life!
It is now my life's highest aspiration to help other's thrive using the power of natural law and raw foods.
How Can I Help You?

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Video Guide

A 2 page downloadable PDF outlining a successful 40 day cleanse.  Accompanied by a 6 part Video Guide to walk you through the PDF, answer the most common questions, and prepare you to start your cleanse.

  1. What to Expect
  2. Tips & tricks
  3. Approximated Costs
  4. Common Pitfalls
  5. Product & equipment Recommendations
  6. Refeeding Instructions

The Value of Community 

Challenging everything you ever knew about health and nutrition is not comfortable and detoxing is not easy.  The value of being involved in a like minded community is too big to be measured.  The RawkstarZ Private Facebook group is a safe, loving environment designed to help you achieve your health & life goals.  Get the accountability and encouragement you deserve.  Find friends and be part of a like minded group of beautiful humans.  Join our challenges, live Q&A's, and share our journeys.

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