RawkstarZ Access

Join the community of rawkstars, badasses, and creatives on their journeys to fullfillment, abundance, and thriving lifestyles.

What you'll get:

  • Access to the Rawkstarz Community
  • Juice Feast Protocol (start here guide) PDF
  • Weekly Live Q&A sessions with Sammy Ray
  • Access to an off FB Community platform where you can post/ask sensitive issues without fear of the FB police.
  • Accountability <- you can not get accountability outside of community. It comes from other people!  Get loving, to the point, "raw"ccountability
  • Collective abundance consciousness 
  • Sunday struggle snuggle post <- when you need to vent and be "comment hugged"  🫂 🤗  
  • Fired up friday post <- get inspired! Share your inspiration with others. 🔥 
  • Constant feed of positive reinforcements and tough love <- at the same time. ❤️ 
  • Learn to stop playing small with other large personalities. 🎶 🎨  🎭 📣 

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